What’s the Best Time to Go Fishing?

The best time for fishing depends on your local weather conditions. You can fish in different seasons, and each one has different advantages and disadvantages. In general, fishing is more productive in the morning or early evening. If you plan to fish at night, you should plan your trip carefully. The temperatures will be lower, and the bite will be more difficult.

Dawn and dusk

When fishing, you will notice that the activity level of fish increases at dawn and dusk. This is because, during these times, the water has a low light level, allowing predators to get close to their prey. In addition, when the light level is low, fish will move around more. This makes fishing at dawn and dusk the best times for catching fish.

The best time of day to go fishing depends on the species you want to catch. Most fish will feed during the dawn and dusk hours, so knowing these times can give you a head start on your fishing expeditions. However, some fishermen like to fish in the early evening or morning.

Although fishing at dawn and dusk can be equally productive, the best time to go fishing depends on the species you’re trying to catch. For example, sharks and flounders are more active during the evening hours. While the summer months are usually the best for fishing, fall fishing is also spectacular.

Early morning

When choosing the best time of day to go fishing, there are a few factors to consider. First, the temperature of the water will increase during the morning, and the fish will be more active in the morning. During this time, they are less likely to be spooked by your tackle and are more likely to feed. The softer morning light will also reduce the chance of attracting many other anglers, making it an ideal time to go fishing.

The water temperature will drop significantly during the more excellent hours of the night, but as it rises, it will become warmer again. During this time, the fish will feed on abundant food in the water, so it is essential to observe the bites and adjust the depth of your bait to ensure a good catch. Changing the bait to a crankbait will also help.

While there is no specific time that is the best time to go fishing, the early morning and late afternoon are generally the most productive times for anglers. In addition, temperatures are warm, and baitfish and insects have had time to feed.

Windy part of the beach

The windy part of the beach is not the best place to fish. The waves can be very high, and it can be challenging to stay on the shore. Therefore, it is better to fish from a boat in such conditions as it can handle higher winds. Still, you need to use your best judgment and caution. If the waves are too high and the wind is too strong, you should stay home instead of risking your safety. Also, you should know that different kinds of fish prefer different weather.

Windy days change the fishing conditions quickly. The tides and currents will change, creating more channels and areas for baitfish. Game fish tend to like the calmer waters because they can wait for baitfish to get pulled over by the current. However, if you’re fishing in the windy part of the beach, the wind will be too strong, and the current will be too strong to make it easy for you to catch any fish.

When fishing off a beach, early morning is the best fishing time. During the early mornings, the most active fish will be feeding on the food that floats up from the surf. Some of the most common fish that will be caught at this time include bream, whiting, and luderick. You can also find these fish in the gutters next to the breakwall or headland.


There are several advantages to knowing the time of tide. Not only do you get to know when the tides will be at their highest and lowest points, but you can also find the best spots for fishing. The moon, for one, is the most significant influence on tides. The moon’s gravitational pull causes the water level to rise during the high tide and fall at the low tide. This phenomenon is known as the spring tide, and it happens every two weeks during the full moon and the first and third quarter of the moon.

Although fishing during high tide is the most popular time, you should know that there are other times when you can also catch fish. When fishing at low tide, you can catch more fish. However, you need to know the tides to be able to catch the most fish. It takes practice to get the hang of the high and low tide fishing methods.

Carp Fishing – Tips For Beginners

The reputation that carp are pollution-ridden “river pigs” is unjustified. If the fish are caught in a clean river, the meat will be pristine and free of contaminants. Older carp are more likely to be contaminated, but it’s still possible to find clean fish. Carp meat is moist, flaky, and full of healthy fish oils. It’s often served whole or ‘chunked.’

Common carp

The Eurasian carp, formerly known as the common carp, is one of the world’s most widely found freshwater fish. It is commonly found in large rivers and lakes in Asia, where it thrives in eutrophic waters. For this reason, the fish is popular among fishermen and women. However, not many people know how to catch them. Here are a few tips for beginners. First of all, do your research.

To catch carp, it’s essential to handle them properly. These fish have three stout spines that can cause severe pain if caught in the hand. Therefore, choosing a fishing rod with a thick braided line and a large spinning reel with a significant drag is essential. Also, use a hook that can support the weight of giant carp. For the best performance, use a 10-pound braided line. Fluorocarbon lines are also a good choice. Aside from braided lines, you should also use larger hooks and fine fishing lines, so they do not stick out like a sore thumb.

Favorite baits for carp

Carp are naturally curious creatures, so choosing the right baits for the season is essential. Organic baits are the best choice since they mimic nature’s natural scents. However, remember that carp are clever creatures that may have learned which types of baits are dangerous for them and avoid them. In winter, use brightly colored baits to entice them to bite. In summer, use baits with a more natural color. Baits in brown, red, or purple colors are best, as they are less likely to spook the fish. Aside from that, avoid baits with colors that are too green or blue.

Another popular choice is mollusks. These are a great way to attract carp and other fish. They are readily available and are excellent for targeting vegetation and reeds. They also give a great scent trail to the fish. As a bonus, they are natural, so they are a good choice even if you’re fishing in the dark. But be sure to pick alive baits and leave a scent trail behind.

Best time of year to fish for carp

The best time to fish for carp in the UK is during the winter months. While the weather is still cold, the barometric pressure drops over a few days, getting carp to start feeding. This means reduced weight and a rise in activity. The best time to fish for carp is when there is low light intensity and moderate wind. Carp are very cautious animals and prefer to feed in low light intensity.

Early spring is a great time to fish for carp, but starting your sessions during the afternoon on a sunny day is vital. The water temperature will still be cold in the early morning, but the sun’s warmth will cause fish to start feeding during the afternoon hours. During this time, fish will typically be more active on the surface when the water temperature reaches its daily high. This means that it’s best to start your fishing trip during the late afternoon hours.

Getting started with carp fishing

One of the first steps to becoming a successful carp fisherman is to get a fishing license. This is a legal requirement in the UK; if you fail to acquire one, you will be fined PS250. You can obtain this online. You should also consider the size of the lake you choose to fish in, as a large lake can be tough to fish from. Ideally, it would help to start by choosing a few acres of size lake where the carp population is relatively low.

Next, you should purchase a line that is suitable for carp fishing. Depending on your chosen lake, you can use monofilament, braided, or fluorocarbon mainlines. A breaking strain of twelve or fifteen pounds is recommended for beginners, but if you’re fishing in lakes with weedy bottoms, you may want to invest in a heavier line. This is because big fish can weigh several kilograms.

Best Affordable Whiskey to Drink Straight

If you’re looking for an inexpensive whiskey to drink straight, try the Evan Williams Black Label bottle. This classic bourbon has a relatively low ABV and is available for under $15 at your local liquor store. Its smooth flavor and balanced alcohol content make it an excellent choice for the budget-conscious whiskey drinker. While it’s far from the world’s best drink, the Black Label is among Heaven Hill’s most affordable offerings. It is crafted with a classic mash bill of 75% corn, 12% malted barley, and 13% rye.

Old Grand-Dad

There are several reasons why Old Grand-Dad is the best whiskey to drink straight. For starters, it’s very affordable. This bourbon has been aged for nearly a century, and the family that created it was the original owner. The whiskey is named after its grandad, Meredith Basil Hayden, Sr., who moved to Kentucky in 1796.

Among the best cheap whiskeys to drink straight, Old Grand-Dad is a classic that can be enjoyed neat or mixed with water. With an ABV of 40%, Old Grand-Dad’s flavors have a subtle smokiness. Its high rye content also gives it a mild heat that pairs nicely with vanilla and caramel. It’s an excellent option for those looking for high-quality bourbon at an affordable price.

The whiskey is available in various proof levels, including 80, 100, and 114. The most prevalent version is the Old Grand-Dad Bonded, the only expression of this bonded whiskey. It is produced in a single distillery for one season and aged for four years in a federally bonded warehouse. Old Grand-Dad is not a very popular choice for sipping, but it’s suitable for those who enjoy a smooth and creamy drink.

Old Forester Signature Bourbon

If you’re looking for a quality bourbon that’s easy to drink and won’t break the bank, try Old Forester Signature Bourbon. This low-priced whiskey is accessible on the palate, with mellow flavors and an earthy, spicy bite. You’ll find hints of oak, vanilla, and cinnamon in this whiskey, but it’s not overpowering. It’s a good choice for a first bourbon.

The flavor is smooth and sweet with just a hint of oak and charred wood. In addition, you’ll notice hints of cinnamon, bitter chocolate, and a tad of oak. The finish is medium-length with a touch of spice and oak bitterness. Unfortunately, while you can drink Old Forester straight, this 100-proof whiskey doesn’t have the depth of character to make cocktails.

Old Forester is a well-known brand in the bourbon world. It’s one of the original brands from the liquor industry giant Brown-Forman, which owns some of the most notable distilled spirits today. It’s a cheap whiskey to drink, but be warned; the finish can keep it from being great. However, this new Old Forester Signature Bourbon has overcome this problem and is a worthy whiskey to try.

Buffalo Trace bourbon

Buffalo Trace is a good choice when looking for a great bourbon that is priced within your budget. This American whiskey has a full flavor and blends well, but it’s also very drinkable straight. Buffalo Trace is also a good choice for a cocktail, making it an excellent option for a Moscow Mule or Old Fashioned. Its smooth finish and caramel notes make it a perfect all-around bourbon.

This Kentucky whiskey has a well-developed flavor with a slight sweetness. Its oak flavor is dominant, but there are hints of cinnamon and toffee in the background. It has a great price point, making it a good choice for a cocktail and a straight shot. However, many drinkers find Buffalo Trace too strong for their taste. A cocktail is a better option.

One brand of Buffalo Trace bourbon that is affordable is the Ancient Age. This is an older offering of the distillery, dating back to the 1870s. The company releases it as either an 80 or a 90-proof bourbon. The company also produces a unique ten-year-old bourbon available only in limited quantities. This whiskey is batched in small batches with only forty barrels per batch. In addition, it is aged on the middle floors of different warehouses, exposing it to a broader range of temperature changes than a typical whiskey.

How to Do an Oil Change on a Motorcycle

If you’re wondering how to do an oil change on a bike, this article can help you out. Read on to learn how to check your motorcycle’s oil level, change the oil, and change the filter. RL Policar reminds that it’s a fairly simple process, and there are a few steps you need to take to complete the task properly. This article can also help you determine if you need to change the filter as well.

Fluid level

Before you get on your bike and start riding, make sure to check your motorcycle’s fluid level. Most motorcycles have a center stand, but you may want to use a paddock stand. If you can, sit on your motorcycle while you perform this check. Inspect the level of your motorcycle’s oil with the dipstick. Check the oil level based on the owner’s manual. You should leave it slightly under the max level.

If you see a white milky substance in your motorcycle’s oil, you may have a fuel leak or a coolant leak. When this happens, the critical components start to rub against each other, causing them to overheat and fail to perform properly. In extreme cases, the pistons can fuse to the cylinder walls, making your motorcycle impossible to start or ride. If you are unsure of the source of the smell, stop riding until you have checked the oil level. If you notice a white milky substance in your motorcycle’s oil, top it off and wait until the motorcycle cools down.


Before you change your motorcycle’s oil, it’s important to know the exact measurements of the oil level. Don’t fill up the tank with too much oil, or else you risk damaging the seals inside the engine. Look in the owner’s manual for the correct amount of oil to put in. If it isn’t listed, you can use a gauge or simply use your finger. The oil filler hole is usually strategically placed. RL Policar advises to stop filling when the oil starts to run back out.

You can also refer to the user manual of your motorcycle to learn the proper method of changing your motorcycle’s oil. This manual is free and easily accessible online. While there’s no fixed date for changing motorcycle oil, it’s best to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer. In addition to reading the manual, you can also look up motorcycle oil specifications online. To change the oil, follow the manufacturer’s specifications. Then, take your motorcycle to a safe location and start working.

Riding habits

Depending on your riding habits, you may need to change the oil on your motorcycle more frequently than recommended. If you ride rarely, or only go for short rides, you may need to wait longer. Oil degrades more rapidly in cold temperatures and needs to be run for about 30 minutes to burn off moisture. Winter riding can also contribute to accelerated oil degrading and engine corrosion. Changing the oil every four months is a good rule of thumb.

Regardless of the model or make of your motorcycle, changing the oil should be done at least once every three to five thousand miles. However, if you’re a motorcycle racer, you may need to change it earlier. Check the manufacturer’s manual for details. If you have a manual, you can download it here. Then, use the information contained in the manual to change the oil. Once the oil is changed, check the oil level to ensure it is correct. Too much oil can cause excessive pressure and damage the motor.

Internal parts

Changing the filter when doing an oil change of a motorcycle is an easy, inexpensive way to protect the internal parts of your bike. It is important to change your filter at the same time as you change the oil, as oil filters are limited in their ability to trap contaminants. RL Policar notes that a nice fully synthetic brand of oil is best for motorcycles. If you are planning to race your motorcycle, you should use higher-quality oil.

Before starting the procedure, you should first remove the filter. The filter should be easily removed by using a wrench. You may need to use a special filter wrench in order to grip it properly and torque it. Keep in mind that if you don’t catch the oil, it could spill out and cause a serious accident. After removing the filter, you can check the oil level by taking a short trip and checking the filter’s integrity.

Let’s recap the first 6 months of the year

Well, there have been some big things that have occurred in my life. For starters, I lost about 21lbs. After a doctor visit back in March, I was told that my cholesterol levels and weight were pretty unhealthy. My kids, especially my eldest, Alyssa had been on me about taking care of myself. Quite honestly, I had really let myself go over the years. Using food to comfort my emotional pain. It took about a month of me cutting back to drop the weight.

One of the things I started doing was going to things on my own. I figured it’s a great way to meet new people and experience new things. One of the best events I attended was midget wrestling. Oh man, that was soooooo entertaining! I loved every minute of it! Plus I had gone to a few motorcycle meetups. One thing I did learn is that in terms of motorcycles, I like to do my own thing. I wasn’t a big fan of the meetups because all people did were talk about their bikes and etc. I guess that’s cool and all, but I’d rather sit down for a pint with a good friend and talk about meaningful things.

My new romper, I loved it so much that I bought another!

I also started going to therapy to help deal with myself. I also reached out to the ex telling her that I want to just get along. Aleah had her HS graduation, plus we were hosting a party for her in which the ex was invited to. I made sure I was cordial and friendly.

In mid-June, Aleah had scoliosis surgery. She was in the hospital for several days, and about 3 weeks into it she fainted in the shower. Luckily Alyssa found her and was able to call 911. After several hours at the ER and a bunch of tests, we finally got home around 11:30pm. The doctors basically said it was a combination of things that lead up to it that are related to her surgery. Aleah is mending slowly, she’s still having a hard time with the pain levels and her heart rate spiking at times. Her sisters have been amazing in making sure she’s taken care of. As tough as this has been for Aleah, it really did put a lot of pressure on me and the girls. The ER trip was scary, plus we’re staying with her up until her surgeon gives her the clearance to be more independent.

It’s been about 3 years when it all hit the fan. For the most part, I’m doing well. Our home has become our home. The girls have taken more responsibility by adding their own decorative touches, cleaning and even having events there. It’s really been a blessing to have all the girls live with me. Between them and the dogs, it’s never a dull moment.

Enjoying the moment(s)

One of the things I’ve learned to do while being single is to enjoy the moment, soak it all up…alone. Trust me it wasn’t easy at first because I was so used to being with someone all the time. Now that I’m single, I had to rediscover all the wants and likes in my life.

One of my favorite things to do is to go fishing. I go to a nearby park to fish, smoke a cigar, have the occasional meal, pray and hang out with friends. I make sure I take the time to breathe deeply, enjoy my surroundings and thank God through prayer for the things I see and feel. I don’t need to catch anything to make it great, if I do, then it’s like a bonus.


In the past 3 years, I’ve taken small road trips to visit my brother in Yuma. The drive takes about 5-6 hours and I have learned to enjoy the time that goes by. During my drive I listen to great music, call someone and talk with them and pray. I’ll usually stop at an Indian Casino for a Prime Rib dinner too.

For me enjoying the moment(s) that life gives me helps to bring me back down to earth and remind me of all the things that God has done in my life. I can’t fully say that I’m completely healed from all the stuff that went down, but having my times alone to recharge has definitely helped. I think if anything, the best part about enjoying my new life is that I’ve been able to rediscover who I am and I really like the person I’ve become. I’m sure that enjoying the moment is a form of gratitude. I practice reminding myself of the things I’m grateful for all the time. It helps to defeat the negative thinking that can ensue when something triggers me.

Anyhow, the lesson for today is to enjoy the moment. Soak up the scenery and be grateful. Life is pretty good!

Would I call it a ‘Come Back?”

Right when I started going through some life changes, I abandoned many of my hobbies and interests. I picked up new ones, but I knew the things I used to do were still holding a special place in my heart. For me that was mountain biking and writing. I used to manage two sites, BikeCommuters.com and MtnBikeRiders.com. But while I was dealing with all the drama in my life, I decided to step down and relinquish my responsibilities to some dear friends. Now that I’m going into my 3rd year of my new life, I started showing more interest in these hobbies. In fact, I even bought a new mountain bike and I’ve started blogging again.
mtnbikeriders.com fat tire bike
This bike isn’t anything fancy, it’s a basic single speed fat tire mountain bike. I got a crazy deal on it through eBay. I’m actually looking forward to riding again, it should be fun. This fat bike would make things more interesting on the trail once I start riding again.

The blogging thing was actually huge. I used to pride myself on my ability to write about anything. But I stopped for quite some time just to deal with things. As of late, I’ve been publishing more and more work. One of my other blogs I run just got a new article posted and it’s about Chinese Scooters.

I think as I work through my stuff, I’m finally starting to get a sense of where I want to go and what I want to do. Writing and riding was always a big part of my life that I found very rewarding. So it only makes sense for me to come back to it. Just recently a friend was visiting whom I haven’t seen in years asked me how I’m doing and what I’m up to now. I told him that for the most part I’m doing well. He asked me about my hobbies, I told him I’ve been fishing more than I ever have but mentioned my new bike. I guess it was at that point where I started seeing that I’m on my way out of the muck and mire I’ve had to deal with in the past few years. Now that things are starting to settle down, I’m picking up where I left off. I’m hoping that the next thing I start focusing on would be my health. I do miss racing…but that’s for another day to talk about.

So how are things?

Thanks for asking. I’d say they’re getting better. Divorce sucks and I’m still dealing with some of the emotional trauma from it. But I have to say I’m doing better today than I was when it first hit the fan. My girls continue to do well. They still live with me.

A lot has happened over the past several months. So for starters I left a job in May to go work somewhere else. That new gig didn’t mesh well with my life and priorities, so I left. I landed with a Marketing Agency in South Orange County. I’m pretty happy here.

We lost Cowboy over the summer. He had some heart problems and was deteriorating so we had to put him down. It really broke all of our hearts. I still miss that guy. He was such a great dog.


In his absense the girls really missed having another dog in the house. Sadie, our other doggo felt it too. So the girls went to the shelter and adopted a little girl named Maggie. She’s a cute and funny looking dog. Her personality totally reminds me of Alyssa when she was little. She’s basically Alyssa’s kid. Maggie is such a trouble maker…just like how her mom (Alyssa) used to be. Sadie tolerates her, it’s been a rough go around with those two, they fight on occassion.


Anyhow, this month I turn 42…dang I feel old! I’ve got more grey hairs on my head. Luckily I’m not going bald…thank goodness for good genes! Rather than having another party, I told the girls I just want something low-key at the house. I requested Costco Pizza, some beer and a few cigars to enjoy afterwards. I’m not sure why I’m not much in a partying mood.

Perhaps its just me getting older and not needing people to validate me. Parties are great for that, you invite your closest friends and family and they give you presents, hang out, joke with you about how old you’re getting and etc. It’s fun, but it also costs money. This year I know who I am, I’m loved, confident and I’m talented; which means I don’t need other people to remind me that. Don’t get me wrong, a happy birthday wish would be nice and would go a long way with me.

One of the things I told myself I wanted to pursue was to live a simple life. My previous life was very much about what someone else wanted. I’m not much into travel, I like good food, sometimes crappy Chinese food is the best. I also like just sitting around and just hanging out.


With that in mind, I find myself going fishing quite often. I dont’ have to catch anything, if I do, then it’s a bonus. I go to the lake to decompress, relax, pray and journal. I love smoking cigars and riding my motorcycles. Ya that’s really about it. Those are the things I enjoy. I feel that I’m doing a great job in keeping up with it, lol.


In the last-almost-3years, I’ve gotten more into working with my hands. I find it very theraputic. Working on my cars, motorcycles and just plain tinkering gets my mind to focus and remind me that I’m good at many of these things I get involved with. It’s funny, when I haven’t worked on stuff, I find myself wanting to hold tools in my hands just to get some sort of fix…no pun intended.


Anyway, that’s it for now. There’s been quite a few things that has happened and currently going on now in my life. I’m on Instagram so if you feel inclined to, follow me @rlpolicar

Facebook memories

As you know Facebook Memories will pop up on your feed reminding you of all the cool stuff you did and how much skinnier you once were. Sometimes some of those memories are fun to look at and we can reshare it and say stuff like “oh wow, 7 years ago!” So just recently I saw some memories of when I used to race mountain bikes. Back then I was in great shape and I was competitive, now I’m older, fatter and broker. The days of racing are exactly what Facebook shows, memories.

But it got me thinking…what if I start racing again? My kids are older so I don’t have to worry about baby sitting, plus I don’t have a nagging wife asking when I’ll be back from the races. I can actually put the time in to training if I really wanted. Heck just last night I was out riding with my friend Moe and I got this idea of racing again. It’s going to take some major work for me to get up to a level of fitness where I can actually survive a race and not die in the middle of it.

After our ride we got on the phone with my other friend Art who is working on a deal for me. He’s working out a major discount for a new mountain bike. This new bike will cost me an arm and leg, but I figure I’ll invest into myself. While we were on the phone I told Art and Moe that once I get my new bike, that we all should do an Enduro race just for giggles. I told them it will be just like 2010! We all laughed because that year was the peak of our racing careers. We were sponsored by a number of companies, we had matching bikes, jerseys and other gear. Heck, we even had stickers! Now you know you’re legit when you have stickers!

Now that we’ve got this idea planted in our minds, I’m actually looking forward to just getting back to all that racing and riding jazz. Who would have thought that Facebook memories motivated me to get back in to something I really did love.

Why hobbies are good for you

From late 2016 through most of 2017 I amped up some of my hobbies. I went all in on my hobbies of flipping motorcycles. I can’t recall, but I think I’ve bought and sold at least 15 motorcycles in that year alone. Then I took up building things. Nothing crazy, but I’ve built stuff out of old pallets, surplus Army ammo cans and even more recently I started building up this wrecked scooter I bought to have a Mad Max look.

I’m not going to bore you with scientific details on why hobbies are good for you. But I’ll just share how it’s benefited my life. For starters I love working with my hands. To me it’s very therapeutic because it helps me feel competent. Yep, it makes me feel smart and that I am able to do something.

Doing something that helped me feel smart and capable allows me to find confidence. Even if I’m not good at what I’m working on, I’ve learned that the more I do these things, the better I become at them. I’ll give you an example. I got into building Bluetooth speaker systems out of US Army surplus ammo cans. These cans have been sitting in the desert for years not being used for anything. So I got a handful of them and started to work. When I first got into it, I had basic tools. My first ammo can was…OK, not great but just OK. The second one was much better. The third ammo can was even nicer than the one previous to it. I had added some new features to it that made me really proud. On my fourth can, I made it smaller, but it had all the options of the previous model. Since I’ve built a few of these, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. In fact, after I built the 4th one, I knew that the 5th model will be even better. Now I know exactly what I’ll need to do to perfect the build.

Anyhow, working with my hands doesn’t stop with these ammo cans. Not too long ago my daughter and I took on a repair on her car that I’ve never done before. So we bought some tools and the parts needed and replaced the CV axle on her car. It was a great experience and my kid was able to be part of it too.

I’m sure the things I’ve mentioned aren’t as fancy as some of the real life Ron Swansons out there. But to me, they’re huge. They’re significant because during the times that I felt the worst about myself, my hobbies helped me feel good that I could create/fix and make things better.

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