Best Affordable Whiskey to Drink Straight

If you’re looking for an inexpensive whiskey to drink straight, try the Evan Williams Black Label bottle. This classic bourbon has a relatively low ABV and is available for under $15 at your local liquor store. Its smooth flavor and balanced alcohol content make it an excellent choice for the budget-conscious whiskey drinker. While it’s far from the world’s best drink, the Black Label is among Heaven Hill’s most affordable offerings. It is crafted with a classic mash bill of 75% corn, 12% malted barley, and 13% rye.

Old Grand-Dad

There are several reasons why Old Grand-Dad is the best whiskey to drink straight. For starters, it’s very affordable. This bourbon has been aged for nearly a century, and the family that created it was the original owner. The whiskey is named after its grandad, Meredith Basil Hayden, Sr., who moved to Kentucky in 1796.

Among the best cheap whiskeys to drink straight, Old Grand-Dad is a classic that can be enjoyed neat or mixed with water. With an ABV of 40%, Old Grand-Dad’s flavors have a subtle smokiness. Its high rye content also gives it a mild heat that pairs nicely with vanilla and caramel. It’s an excellent option for those looking for high-quality bourbon at an affordable price.

The whiskey is available in various proof levels, including 80, 100, and 114. The most prevalent version is the Old Grand-Dad Bonded, the only expression of this bonded whiskey. It is produced in a single distillery for one season and aged for four years in a federally bonded warehouse. Old Grand-Dad is not a very popular choice for sipping, but it’s suitable for those who enjoy a smooth and creamy drink.

Old Forester Signature Bourbon

If you’re looking for a quality bourbon that’s easy to drink and won’t break the bank, try Old Forester Signature Bourbon. This low-priced whiskey is accessible on the palate, with mellow flavors and an earthy, spicy bite. You’ll find hints of oak, vanilla, and cinnamon in this whiskey, but it’s not overpowering. It’s a good choice for a first bourbon.

The flavor is smooth and sweet with just a hint of oak and charred wood. In addition, you’ll notice hints of cinnamon, bitter chocolate, and a tad of oak. The finish is medium-length with a touch of spice and oak bitterness. Unfortunately, while you can drink Old Forester straight, this 100-proof whiskey doesn’t have the depth of character to make cocktails.

Old Forester is a well-known brand in the bourbon world. It’s one of the original brands from the liquor industry giant Brown-Forman, which owns some of the most notable distilled spirits today. It’s a cheap whiskey to drink, but be warned; the finish can keep it from being great. However, this new Old Forester Signature Bourbon has overcome this problem and is a worthy whiskey to try.

Buffalo Trace bourbon

Buffalo Trace is a good choice when looking for a great bourbon that is priced within your budget. This American whiskey has a full flavor and blends well, but it’s also very drinkable straight. Buffalo Trace is also a good choice for a cocktail, making it an excellent option for a Moscow Mule or Old Fashioned. Its smooth finish and caramel notes make it a perfect all-around bourbon.

This Kentucky whiskey has a well-developed flavor with a slight sweetness. Its oak flavor is dominant, but there are hints of cinnamon and toffee in the background. It has a great price point, making it a good choice for a cocktail and a straight shot. However, many drinkers find Buffalo Trace too strong for their taste. A cocktail is a better option.

One brand of Buffalo Trace bourbon that is affordable is the Ancient Age. This is an older offering of the distillery, dating back to the 1870s. The company releases it as either an 80 or a 90-proof bourbon. The company also produces a unique ten-year-old bourbon available only in limited quantities. This whiskey is batched in small batches with only forty barrels per batch. In addition, it is aged on the middle floors of different warehouses, exposing it to a broader range of temperature changes than a typical whiskey.

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