It’s Cyber Monday, well…are you shopping?

If you’re still not sure what Cyber Monday is, well it’s basically the Monday following Black Friday where online retailers are trying to lure you to their site in hopes you’d spend the same amount of money on their virtual store as you did in a brick and mortar shop just a few days ago. Basically it’s been slated as the “Biggest shopping day of the year, online.”

For some Cyber Monday is the day where they go shopping. I know for myself, I didn’t bother with the crazy lines on Black Friday because I knew that I could easily shop for the same items online and most promos today would include free shipping as a way to entice people to spend money.

As much as I love Cyber Monday for all it’s great deals, you really should do some research on items that you want to buy. A bit of Googling will yield answers on where the best prices are and product reviews. I think it’s important to read up on reviews that consumers post on the items you’re seeking. This gives you an inside view on how the items really works and if the quality sub par.

If you’re set on getting what ever items you want, may I suggest a few sites where you can really save money on. For 2012, is boasting that some of their items will be discounted by as much as 90%. There are other sites like and that are offering some great deals. One thing cool about is you have your order delivered to a nearby Walmart so it doesn’t arrive at your home where the person you got the gift for see’s it. Oh and that service is free.

Just about anyone that has a website will be offering some sort of Cyber Monday sale today. If you’re into sunglasses, you’ll find deals on it, or what about Jeep accessories or Harley Davidson parts, ya, those deals are out there for Cyber Monday.


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