The Week Before Black Friday

Have you ever noticed that things slow down about week before Black Friday?

From a consumer stand point it makes sense. You really don’t want to be spending money when we know the holiday shopping season starts next week, right? What about retailers? You know they’re holding out on inventory that is meant for Black Friday. How do I know this? From personal observation, that’s how. I was recently at a local WalMart and Target to get some household goods. I noticed shelves were running a bit thin and less shoppers too.

If you look online any retailer who is planning a Black Friday Sale has already started advertising or emailing out their store fliers. Did you hear that Target and WalMart are both starting their Black Friday Sale on Thanksgiving at 8pm? Well apparently they want to get a jump on their bottom line for the holiday season. Sucks to be the people who work for either company, but great for consumers. Heck I might even brave the crowds in search for a new laptop…or maybe not.


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